Your cat walks across your keyboard at a bad moment

A server has been deleted. Mr. Sniffles is in the dog house - but it's made you consider your backups. What do they look like?

What backups?

No backups. Are you going to tell on me?
Tape Backups 4Eva

Really? Things have come a long way since 2001. Put down Grand Theft Auto III and take a look.
Backup to disk

Solid plan on solid technology. Have you considered storing them off-site?
Backup to cloud

Fantastic choice. Off-site for greater safety and cost-effective too!
Upgrade Now!

You press the button and BAM - OS Crashes. I thought those were a thing of the past? What do you do?

Hide under the desk

Janice is going to find you. And it's almost lunch time. Maybe this isn't the best plan?
To the backups!

Pour yourself some coffee. Send an email to the users. It's going to be a long night.
Let's find the VMware Snapshots

Good plan. But... did you take a snapshot before the upgrade? Better tell support that this is a "known outage."
Fail over to the cloud

With a cloud-based DRaaS solution, you can confidently fail over a single VM or the whole data center. And the users will never even know.
You open the door to the server room. It's infested by bees!

Hives in your hard drives and stingers in your servers. They aren't glad to see you. What do you do?

Run Away

Great. Take a step back and regroup. Tweet for advice. Maybe call pest control.
Open the Air Lock

Perfect plan - for that dream where you're the CIO of the starship Enterprise
Train to be an aipiarist (beekeeper)

Finally, a reason to follow your dreams. Good thing your hobby saved the day
Abandon ship - and move to the cloud

Excellent. The business can keep humming, and the door to the datacenter can be welded shut.
It's time to buy a DRaaS solution

What do you look for in your fancy new cloud service? Check as many as you like

You know what you need.

Kudos, and enjoy your shopping trip
What's really important to you?

You've nearly nailed it. But, maybe you need to take another look.
You have your heart in the right place

though some of those are "nice to haves" right?
Aim higher!

You're the guardian of your company's IT systems. They deserve the best!
The flood waters rise

It hasn't stopped raining in 3 days. The water is seeping through the walls. What do you do?

Swim away

This type of disaster has shuttered many businesses. Yours wouldn't be the first.
Stick it in Rice

Tell the businesses it's going to be a few days before you dare re-boot the systems. And Monday will be Fried Rice day in the cafeteria.
Run for higher ground

Bring your backup tapes and plan to rebuild in a few weeks, once things calm down.
Fail Over to the Cloud

Well planned! Your cloud-based DRaaS system let you rapidly fail over with only moments of interruption to the business. Now, do your shoes go in the dryer?
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